How It All Started

Hooker Electric ReelsIt all started when a friend was always borrowing my reels and returning them in disrepair. He inspired me to build my own reel. Then I began developing my own design from using a small lathe and mill. Three versions  merged from that effort while continuously improving on design and its components to improve the performance.

The Hooker Electric that you see today is what emerged. When I completed the first 'home-made' prototype it amazed me and my fellow anglers as well. I never expected my reel to perform as well as it did. It was more powerful and faster than I expected.

The primary goal was for Hooker Electric to be as fast but lighter in weight than the competition. It just happened to perform faster. This reel truly performs as nice as it looks

As a fellow angler I am proud to offer you the Hooker Electric, a reel that will give you an extra edge over the competition!